Assignment for Week of October 5th, 2020

Try this in pencil first, but if it's not satisfying, move on to charcoal. You'll be doing really well if you can just draw the outlines of the books. That in itself is difficult. Feel free to trace.

The best way to approach this assignment is to set up a stack of books similar to the photos in your house somewhere and use that as your starting point. If you can do that, see if you can put the books on different angles, as shown. Resist the urge to use a neat stack where the sides are lined up. Don't try to do more than 2 books unless you're really brave! If you don't have a place to set up books, pick one of the three photos.

This one is not really easy enough to draw because although it is "in" the photo, the spine of the green book is in too much shadow. It can be done, of course, but it's pretty tricky. But I put it in here to show you something. The shadow of the dark blue book gets lighter IN the shadow as you go towards the back of the shadow. That is because of light sneaking around the back of the books. It happens a lot and it makes drawings and photos much more interesting.

See you next week!

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