Assignment from October 5th and 7th, 2020 Classes

I promised to give you a little more direction when it came to copying someone else's work and today I found a good starting place. Have fun with this or set it aside, simple is fine.

I sent an email about a New York Times article in Sunday's Smarter Living section, Link The article is a good one, but the best things about it are the five highly stylized pencil renderings of the people about whom the article was written.

The assignment, if you want to do it, is to pick one of these and make a copy using either pencil or charcoal. Keep a few things in mind: First, your drawing will probably not look much like Palesa Monaren's drawings for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that it will by your drawing in your style. Second, any portrait is an interpretation. For this article, no doubt Monaren's goal was to give insight into the empathetic nature of these five people, since that's the subject of the article. But the artist didn't really know these people well, and although I cannot prove that, I can demonstrate it (look at the images below). So she interpreted the photos. I think even the gentle style of the portraits helps the reader remember these people's empathetic natures!

When you make your drawing, copy right from one of the drawings, or start with one of the photos. I found the photos instantly on Google images, it wasn't even a challenge. Monaren didn't technically need permission to use the photos for this purpose because, as I understand copyright laws, she changed them significantly and that is sufficient. Given that this was the New York Times, however, I'd be surprised if these five people didn't give permission and may even have provided the photos themselves. From top to bottom: Nedra Tawwab, Brené Brown, Karamo Brown, Leslie Jamison, and Roman Kryznaric.

I actually think she used several of Roman Kryznaric and also Karamo Brown to get the one drawing...but the other three look to me like they are directly taken from the photos.

The drawings are by Palesa Monaren

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