Boxes and Books, September 30

Monday's class, this week, focused on materials. We also talked about shading, eggs, and ways to approach a drawing. On Wednesday (today, actually) we started out with the drawing materials but we moved on to a new lesson. We each drew a box. Here is a brief summary:

This is my demo sketch which, unfortunately, I ended up folding so please ignore the crease.

Things to notice:

The arrow shows me, as the artist, what direction the most light was coming from.

My first job was to sketch in all of the lines of the box, i.e., no shading.

So the first part of my box looked sort of like the sketch on the right, which I lifted from the internet by googling "line drawing of a box". Obviously, the perspective is different but hopefully you get the idea.

The second job was evaluating the three sides for darkest, medium and lightest. Since the light I was using pointed at the top of the box, hitting it first, the top was the lightest plane of the box. The side facing the light was second lightest, its angle was such that it was not in the direct light as much as the top of the box. Obviously, the side facing us was the darkest.

If you want to try this with one box shape (kleenex box, shoe box, little box jewelry came in, whatever) be sure to point one direct light towards it somehow. Try to position the box such that a corner faces you.

There are perspective lessons here but we did not focus on that. Perspective is difficult, to say the least. We will talk about it, but not yet.

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