This charming little guy is Pat Daley's bufflehead duck from the week of Sept. 21st and on to Sept 30.

Pat used a medium tone paper with either white and black charcoal or, possibly, pastel pencils. We haven't talked about pastel pencils but I'll make a note to discuss that next week. I see a little bit of pale blue and maybe even a few other colors. Taking an exercise past what the teacher asks you to do should always be something you might consider doing. And, Pat added a little sparkle to the eye. Great work!

Here we have Carol Crawford-Jones's bufflehead. I believe this is a baby bufflehead! Remember how we said babies (human, I mean) are sort of rounder all over than grown people, well the same is true for most furry and feathery animals. Adorable, Carol!

Isn't it wonderful how we can all interpret the same photo differently. Each of these drawings passes all the little tests: we know what these are, we know what the artist wanted to convey and we even sense emotions.

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