Group Critique Philosophy

eMail To: Some students who had submitted work. Date: Oct 20, 2020.

Hello all! Here is our first "group critique." Usually, about 15 minutes before the end of the class, the teacher will critique each drawing in front of the whole group. This is pretty standard. It can be awful, of course, but it depends on the teacher. I'm mostly doing this to keep you encouraged. So unless I do it privately, I won't give actual hints about what could be different. I can remember critiques where the professor would stand in front of the class: "Whose is this? OK, yours, Suzie? Well it's ok, but why did you put this line here? This line ruins the whole perspective. I want you to take it out for homework - do it over, do not erase. Who's next?"   YIKES! At this point, Suzie wants to flee to the bathroom but this is college, everyone would know. Beet red face, Suzie grabs the drawing and flees anyway. If you're trying to get someone ready to interact successfully in the commercial art world, I suppose this teaching technique has a certain amount of merit. But Suzie just forgot everything she ever learned and she will be up all night trying to redo that drawing. This is no way to live (my opinion). So in these critiques I will tell you what I like. Feel absolutely free to ask me if you want to have me make suggestions. If you're really on the right track and already successful, I might make suggestions without your asking, but that's for when you become advanced students and you can teach the class. I will be your first student. Critiques are in alphabetical order by last name. Critiques are shared with the people who were in the class on that particular day. Love to all, I'm really enjoying this! Whitney (here followed the critiques, which I've deleted because they are shared only with the artists...)

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