Previous Lesson 5 - Eggs

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I do not know if this is really the 5th lesson, but it's the 5th lesson I've written up!

We began with this picture, which started life in color but which I edited into black and white because it's just easier.

We talked about how to trace it and a little bit about the shapes and the darks and lights, but for the most part I just turned you loose with this image for starters.

The lesson was a Lesson 1 for some people in the group and a Lesson 6 for others, so right there we have a "situation!"

We will begin on Monday and Wednesday of this week (the 21st and 23rd of Sept. 2020) by getting deeper into this subject.

For those who weren't there last week, here's a summary of what we did.

We did (again) the exercise of drawing from darkest to lightest, the one that looks a little like the picture on the right. This is done by stippling and we, of course, used the side of the pencil. We also took a look at the difference between graphite and charcoal. It's easy to practice these.

Then we watched me trace the eggs. I've made that into videos but I'm struggling a little with the ins and outs of uploading the videos.

I think we'll tackle the photo below - school shoes - next but I'm not sure when we'll get to it, we'll see how this week goes when we discuss the eggs!

The book cover, "Lessons on Shading": by W. E. Sparkes, published in 1900 and republished in 2007, unabridged, by Dover Publications. It cost me $5.95 new from Dover. They specialize in reprinting books and other published works that are not copyrighted. They charge very modest fees, they're in New York State.

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