Lesson for the week of Nov. 16th.

This will be an extra busy week for me as I have a lot of stuff to do for Oak Knoll ("Hokey") Village, my condo community HOA.

So this week, and probably next week, we will draw together from any photo you want using any drawing material you would like to use, including colored pencil or pastels. If you choose to use graphite, and you want me to take a look at what you're doing during the class, be prepared to text me or email me with a photo you can take with your phone during class. That's because it's so difficult to see graphite, but everyone can send me pictures that way during class, of course.

This is the method followed by my "real" art teachers: they (or we) provide photos and we choose what to paint. During the zoom call, we get personal critiques and guidance so we can keep going.

Having said all that, I'm fine with the format where I draw and you watch, but it is difficult to do both in the same one hour session. Maybe we'll take a vote! OR, of course, I can draw and you don't have to watch -- you can draw also.

Here's some photos. Crop them, take a piece out of one, use as is; or, just go outside and grab a couple of leaves - either way.

Above: (Mr.) Chris Lawton https://unsplash.com/@chrislawton

Above: Lukasz Szmigiel https://unsplash.com/@szmigieldesign

Above: NordWood Themes (this is a design studio, they did not give a person's name)


Above: Aaron Burden https://unsplash.com/photos/V1dae2Jj6-0?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditShareLink

Above: Olivia Hutcherson https://unsplash.com/s/photos/autumn

These all come from https://www.unsplash.com which offers photos for anyone's use. All they ask is that if we use their photo for a drawing we want to sell or display that we credit the photographer for the photo.

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