Monday, April 12

Hello all,

Today we discussed these photos and we each indicated our preferences. These are landscapes, still life setups, and closeup nature photos.

We're starting a new year, today, now that we've all achieved a level of success with our drawing.

For this week, we've chosen to draw the still life with the glass perfume bottle, tissue holder and tooth brush cup (or whatever that is). It's the 4th or 5th image in this collection, click the image to scroll. For homework, if you want to begin, I suggest you download the image and print it in black and white, as large as your printer will allow. If you don't have a printer, try putting it on a separate screen (like your computer screen) while you draw.

We'll be working with the photo for at least a couple of weeks, taking it nice and slow! We'll get to all of these photos, or at least all of these types of photos, in the next couple of months.

See you soon! Whitney

This is a "gallery" so click the first photo and wait till it opens in a popup screen so you can scroll through. If you have any problems, send me an email at

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