Oscar Peterson's OCTOBER SCHEDULE of online pop-up classes

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Oscar Peterson Hello All, The October classes are as follows (PopUps are in bold and will run if there are enough students -- please contact me BEFORE sending payment):

Oscar Peterson


973-960-5857 • Mobile MONDAYS CCA Portrait Drawing 10-12:30 PopUp Still-life/Landscape Painting 1-3:30 PopUp Beginner Drawing 6-8:30 TUESDAYS PopUp Plein Air/Still-life 10-12:30 PopUp Portrait Drawing 1-3:30 WEDNESDAYS The Farmstead Watercolor 10-12 THURSDAYS HAM Fundamentals of Painting 9:30-12 PopUp Alla Prima Limited Palette Portrait Painting 1-3:30 PopUp Figure Drawing 6-8:30 FRIDAYS The Farmstead Portrait Drawing 10-12 The Farmstead Figure Drawing 1-3 The Farmstead Landscape/Still life 4:30-6:30 PS -- Please pass this info out to any interested parties, thanks! -Oscar

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Virtual Classes

Lena Shiffman, and Wendy Hallstrom, and Oscar Peterson are working through Hunterdon Art Museum and Center for Contemporary Arts this fall. HAM: https://www.hunterdonartmuseum.org CCA: https://reg125