Our latest efforts from Nov. 8, 2020

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

It's Sunday evening, November 8, 2020. It's been a remarkable week. I have tried really hard to focus on art, but mostly it has been all about politics and Covid-19.

Let's take a look at all of the artwork you've submitted so far! it is extraordinary. I'm dazzled by the skills you all show. If I missed anyone's drawing, I apologize: please send it to me again.

Below: Susan Flick, Gourds (study), Charcoal

Below: Judy Linger, "Will it Fall?", Pencil

Below: Judy Linger, Spoon, Pencil

Below: Kerstin Switzer, Portrait of Leslie Jamison, Charcoal

Below: Diane Bendahmane, Pine Cones, 1 in Graphite, 1 in Charcoal, 1 photo

Below: Helen Bendahmane, Pears, Marker

Above: Diane Bendahmane, Pears, Marker (and pencil?)

Below: Diane Bendahmane, Cup, Pencil

Below: Roberta Maas, Pumpkins, Charcoal

Below: Carol Crawford-Jones, Cylinder, pencil (?)

Below: Pat Daley, Mug, Charcoal

Below: Judy Linger, Cylinder, Pencil

Below: Carol Crawford-Jones, Pumpkin, Charcoal

Below: Roberta Maas, Spoons, Pencil & Graphite

Below: Diane Bendahmane, Book and Mug, Pencil

Below: Diane Bendahmane, Spoons, Charcoal

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