Our latest, from November 18

Hello all, I have been lax in sending these out so I hope I haven't missed anyone's drawing. Please send it again if I have missed something you sent me.

These are all so good! We will discuss them at 2:00 today.

Above: Roberta Maas, Leaves, I think this is graphite (?) I also think it is gorgeous.

Above: Pat Daley, African Lady, It looks like charcoal to me. Great job!

Above: Pat Daley, Spoons, I hope I oriented this properly, it looked like a top down view to me. Charcoal with white highlights, it's beautiful.

Above: Diane Bendahmane, Landscape in Charcoal and Pastel. This is impressive, I love it.

Above: Diane Bendahmane, Landscape in Graphite, equally divine. Really nice job.

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