Lesson 6, Back to Basics, summary

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020. (Some of the same discussions on Monday, without the hardness review.)

First, we reviewed the H to B hardness markings. On Graphite pencils, the higher the number, the more it is H or B, as you see here. Buy any #2 pencils for casual sketching, use softer (3B, 4B, possibly 6B) for drawings that need darker shading.

Next we made a value scale by starting in the middle, making that square as "medium" as your #2 pencil would do it, then going to the far right end (ignore the added on "white" block shown here, we did that later). Make the end block as light as the pencil will allow. Then go to the far left and make that block the darkest a #2 graphite pencil will allow.

I didn't say this but: You WILL get different results with different paper. This paper is a sketch pad, not expensive, very grainy tooth.

The darker black splotches are charcoal pencil, with which you can get a much darker image.

We discussed the egg project, below is my drawing. This is an extra difficult concept, but I wanted you so get a feel for just how many gradations it is possible to do with graphite. We're still using graphite at this point. This is a value study for a future painting that I probably will never paint, unless I want to test my own patience. Eggs are difficult.

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