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These online beginning drawing classes are for fun and stress relief for myself and anyone who joins. These are informal gatherings on Monday mornings and/or Wednesday afternoons. We do not critique each other's drawings and you do not have to show your work. In fact, you do not "have" to do anything! It's just for fun. Some of the people who join us (most of the people) are really beginners and that is who I am talking to when I teach. 

I have been studying art since I can remember. My formal drawing training goes back to my years at Syracuse University School of Art and at the Art Students' League in New York. More recently, my formal drawing training has been (and continues to be) with Oscar Peterson


Beginning Drawing is being offered as part of the CHSchool (Church of the Holy Spirit School, Cokesbury Road, Lebanon, NJ) ministry program. I manage the signup sheets separately and there is no cross reference or sharing of your information with CHS or any other group. These classes, like Holy Spirit itself, are open to anyone.

There is no fee. If you can, please donate $5 per session to a food pantry or soup kitchen of your choice.

Zoom details will be provided by email. Hope you can join us!


            - Whitney Wetherill, Sept 2020

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