Terms and Conditions

May 8, 2022, Whitney Wetherill

Use of this website indicates your acceptance of and conformance to the following:


  • Site & Website - The website is "https://www.artinclinton.com" and is hosted by WIX.

  • User & Member - users include any person who opens this website on any device. Members are users who have requested and been granted membership.

  • Owner - The website is owned and maintained by Whitney Wetherill, Clinton, NJ, USA. Contact at wwetherill@gmail.com.

Terms & conditions of use:

  1. Users must be 18 years old or older.

  2. This website is password protected. Users who have been given the password agree not to share it without permission of the site owner. 

  3. Members are admitted by approval of the site owner. People unknown to the site owner will not be admitted as members. Members may create blog posts and upload non-copyright protected material. Users who are not members may view content not restricted for member use only.

  4. Members must honor all copyrights, implied or stated. Use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the page if you are uncertain about a copyright. 

  5. Members are never asked to provide private or protected information. If they do so, it is at their own risk. If the site owner is alerted to the presence of any private or protected information she will remove it from the site immediately.

  6. All content a member contributes to this site must be original or used with permission and credited.

  7. No purchases or sales are ever conducted through this website, no tax is collected, no merchandise is offered, no exchange of currency (any kind, including digital) for any product or service of any kind is permitted via this website. Members are not permitted to offer original art, non-fungible tokens, or any other item using this website. Members MAY provide a method for contacting them in a separate way, but no value (dollar amount or equivalent) may be attached or mentioned.

  8. Social media links are intentionally omitted to protect the site owner and site contributors from unwanted social media contact.

  9. Users understand that the site uses cookies, as explained in the cookie acceptance prompt.

  10. Users agree to hold harmless all of the following and also anyone else not mentioned: the site owner, other site users and contributors, WIX (the site's development platform), and all tangential contacts or individuals.

  11. The site owner reserves the right to remove the site at any time; to edit the site; to remove content uploaded by any user/member at the sole discretion of the site owner; to manage all aspects of the site as she sees fit to do within the confines of applicable law.