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Whitney Wetherill, updated June 15, 2021.

  1. Owner: Whitney Wetherill

  2. Intended use: Information share.

  3. Intended users: Artists and Sunrise Circle book club members in Clinton, NJ and surrounding areas.

  4. Personal information: no information except the user's name, phone number (cell), and email address is collected on this website. This information is used only for contacting the member. No information is shared with any other party. For compliance with some laws, a "do not sell my data" link is provided at the bottom of website pages.

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  6. Class charges: Some classes and courses discussed on the website require a fee. The website owner never collects fees. All class fees are handled by the class provider.

  7. Membership: The site owner must approve all membership requests. Membership, and consequently participation in the website, will be withdrawn at the sole discretion of the website owner. Members agree to participate with courtesy and respect and to honor all copyrights.

  8. Hold Harmless: Users of this website, including the owner, are consenting to release from harm any other users, the site owner, or any other involved party (such as Wix.com) in the event of any perceived harm or insult. Users may withdraw their membership at any time by contacting the site owner.